why complain?

As Israeli and Jewish Americans, we encounter anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in our lives. This happens even in the school system that is supposed to educate and be inclusive for children. Even in the school system, that is supposed to educate and include our children. To effectively educate and protect our schools and communities, we need to speak up and demand action.

Biased content

Some textbooks and educational materials currently used in both public and private schools contain problematic content. Materials within contain  content that are very one-sided or inaccurate in their teachings of Israel. Some inaccurate educational materials also misrepresent the Jewish-American population regarding Jewish history as well as current Jewish life in America. Such content is often taught as-is by the teacher who did not notice the  issue with the content, and consequently  teaches the curriculum regardless of the problematic issues.

biased teaching

This occurs when a teacher willingly and knowingly chooses to teach problematic content. For example,  teachers assign  readings or assignments that are not connected to the curriculum or  were not provided to them as directly as teaching materials.  This enables teachers to push  push their own political agendas on students.

bullying and DISCRIMINATION 

Preventing these acts towards Israeli- Jewish- American students is paramount. Whether students’ negative opinions towards Israeli and Jewish American students are fostered as a result of biased content and  teaching or brought from home, reporting in School watch contributes to promoting the safety of our children and families.