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We Are

We've already made a difference for thousands of students, parents and teachers.

About Us

SCHOOL WATCH is a platform where students, parents and educators 
can report antisemitic incidents that occur in school environments.


Our goal is to ensure a safety in our schools for Jewish and Israeli Americans, by removing antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and discrimination based on religion and national origin from classrooms across the U.S!

If you are a student, parent or educator that has faced antisemitism or discrimination in your school, we are here to help! Please fill out the online form detailing the incident and we will respond expeditiously. We are committed to investigating each report and will do our best to find meaningful and permanent solutions.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or contact your local law enforcement.

The Hard Truth


Rise in antisemitism over the past 5 years


Of students polled have experienced antisemitism in their schools, or public spaces


Students have participated in activities to educate and fight antisemitism, discrimination and hate, following incidents in their schools


High School Student, 16, CA

“My teacher put up a meme featuring Hitler in the classroom."

National Coverage

School watch has coast to coast presence and is available to assist no matter the location!

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